Mindfulness & Meditation

The Problem:

According to The American Psychological Association, Americans are more stressed than they’ve been in the past decade. Students feel intense pressure to perform academically, socially, and athletically. Adults feel more pressure on the job to perform more with less, parents juggle work and home, and political uncertainty contributes to our daily dose of stress. Surveys indicate that upwards of 75% of the population feel stressed out most of the time. Self-care is critical now more than ever.

What can be done?

Research has been exploding regarding the many benefits of building a meditation practice. Neuroscience is finding that individuals who meditate on a regular basis literally re-wire their brain. Stress hormones decrease, memory, empathy, and sense of self all improve through regular meditation. One recent study replaced in-school detentions with meditation groups to great success.

Through mindfulness we learn to become more present with our thoughts, feelings, and actions. One can become more mindful by meditating and practicing staying in the moment. More doctors and therapists are recommending daily meditation to their clients. Successful corporations, with their eye on productivity, are finding that mindfulness and meditation training supports creativity, cooperation, and increased job satisfaction. It is recommended individuals find a local meditation group to support not only good meditation habits, but to build a positive, encouraging, relaxing support network.

Our group meditation classes run throughout the week for 30-60 minutes. Beginning instruction is offered and all levels are welcome.

Join us today to begin building your meditation practice.

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