Happy and safe Fourth of July to you and your family from us!

Tuesday, July 4 BootCamp will be at 7:30am only.

Our new
Summer “Life-Saver” challenge is here!

Have a little fun with your fitness and stay motivated through July and August with this super Summer, super fun challenge.

Using social media along with photos, or a video, we want you to commit to doing as many of the following as you can.
Winner will be announced at the end of August.

It’s a big one so start now and STAY committed.

Check In or Tag Fuzion on Facebook
for as many of the tasks as you can.

1. 21 days in the Gym in a class
2. 4 days in Brain Power or Meditation
3. 2 days in Yoga
4. 25 Burpees anywhere on the fly
5. Any fun outdoor activity (paddle boarding, golfing, etc.)
6. Running outside for fun or in a 5k, 10k, or more
7. Walking for fun, or a great trail walk
8. Working out on vacation, or a “stay-cation”
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Unlimited Membership
you recieve:

* Weekly Meal Plans

* All workshops and presentations at Fuzion FREE

* Unlimited access to attend as many classes as you wish

*Unlimited access to Open Gym time

* 2 FREE Friend Passes per month
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* 360′ Assessment for $75.00 (savings of $50)

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