At Fuzion Health & Fitness, home of Monkey Up CrossFit, the entire makeup of a person is supported.  Fuzing the emotional, physical, nutritional, and spiritual is what leads to healthy, fulfilled lives. Our goal at Fuzion Health & Fitness is to create a family of support for people who want to become their best. Fuzion Health & Fitness accomplishes this by supporting individuals overcome obstacles and challenges they face in becoming healthier, happier, whole people. Fuzion Health & Fitness and Monkey Up CrossFit seek to increase the overall well being of individuals, families, and communities.

Fuzion Health & Fitness provides practical ways for people to change in order to lead healthier, fuller lives. By providing information, support, and ongoing encouragement, Fuzion Health & Fitness shows people the way to begin making life-changing decisions. Group fitness and mental health classes lead to lasting changes in overall health. Members may choose to participate in a 360 assessment, which determines a plan of action for improving overall physical, and mental health.


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